Once you’ve found the samples you’re looking for you can apply actions such as add to parcel, return, delete or archive.

You can also export .csv reports (which can be saved as Excel spreadsheets) from the results of a keyword search.

Some examples of the reports that we see clients produce from this page include:

  • A user types in “Vogue” to see all samples currently out with Vogue

  • A user types in “dress” to see the status of all dresses in their showroom

To search for samples:

  • Click the 'sample tracking' link in the left hand nav

  • Click on the Sample Search button in the dashboard sections nav

  • Type in the name of the sample you are looking for, or any descriptive keywords such as "blue", "skirt" or “vogue”

Side note - key word searches will only work against information you’ve entered into the system. So to search ‘Vogue’ you need to have entered Vogue in the Sample Parcel title; to search ‘dress’ you need to have tagged sample photos with the word ‘dress’ or ‘dress’ needs to be in the sample title name.

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