There are a couple of reasons you might see a Flaunter flag on your download alerts.

A download is most commonly due to us needing an image from you to showcase your brand in the weekly media EDM - the image is used as a banner/button that will send media directly to your profile.

If you see Moodboard alerts from Flaunter, it's likely one of the following two scenarios:

  • Flaunter's pitching team have shared an image directly with a journalist in response to their request for content (in these situations you'll usually see the same image mood boarded by us + the journalist on the same day).

  • We also have a couple of areas on the media side of Flaunter where we gather collections of images relating to trending searches, story ideas, etc. (For example, 'pink' is the most searched term in the library right now for interiors journalists, so we've built a board of pink assets for them to access quickly).

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