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How do media know I'm on Flaunter?
How do media know I'm on Flaunter?
Updated over a week ago

Journalists will always be alerted to your presence in our library.

There are three ways that media and buyers will know that you are on Flaunter. 

  1. When you join Flaunter an email is sent to all registered media. 

  2. When you upload new content, an automatic email and a weekly EDM is sent to all registered media. This means that your brand and fresh images is put in front of the right people at the right time.  

  3. By adding tags and photo description to your images, your brand images will appear more often in media searches and recommended content in our Discovery page for media.

It takes two to tango! The more Flaunter links you share with your network of retailers/media - the more traffic directed to your brand assets ;)

Reminder, it's free for media and retailers to sign up to Flaunter. Feel free to share a link to our media sign up page. Request a how-to PDF to share with retailers via

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