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How do I access & respond to media callouts?
How do I access & respond to media callouts?

How to pitch your brand/product to media via callouts.

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Flaunter's media users regularly post Callouts to Flaunter. 

Brands then have the opportunity to respond to any callout by sharing links to images that have been uploaded to Flaunter. 

It's important to remember that these images must be 100% relevant to that journalist's request. 

How to access callouts:

Log into Flaunter and select ‘Callouts’  at the top of the dashboard. Here you will find media requests that have been posted to Flaunter. Select a category (e.g. Fashion or Interiors) at the top of the callouts page to show only callouts relevant to your brand/products. 

How to respond to a callout: 

Step 1: Create a mood board of product images best suited to the brief. Click here for a how-to article.

Step 2: Return to the callout you wish to respond to. Select, ‘View Callout’ on the right hand side and select ‘Respond to callout’ [highlighted in pink].

Step 3: Add content to your response by selecting a brand, then either a mood board or album. ** please note you will need to create a new mood board before this step if you wish to add it to your response. 

Step 4. Next add a message!

  • An intro: why your brand/product fits the callout.

  • Your preferred contact details. 

When your response is ready to go - hit submit! 

If the journalist or stylist is interested they will download images, request samples or respond to your submission. 

Find submission responses within your messaging centre by selecting the envelope icon on the top right-hand side of your dashboard. 

Good luck with your pitch! :) 

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