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What images should I upload to Flaunter?
What images should I upload to Flaunter?

From image types format and resolution - everything you need is within.

Updated over a week ago

There's an audience for any kind of image on Flaunter, so as long as it is 300dpi and a .jpg file type  (This means that they are high enough quality to be published in print and on high resolution screens, and can be used by all operating systems.)

Lifestyle & styled flat lays: Creative and well-styled flat lays are always in high demand. Lifestyle images are those that put your brand in context. 

Photos with a story to tell: Behind the scenes, social media and designer profile shots create a more complete picture of your brand.

Deep etch product images & Flat lays: Deep etching removes the background from the image to that your product is highlighted on a clean, white space. If you don’t have the budget for deep etch, consider clever platforms like Pixc, who can create deep etched shots from your campaign and look book imagery at an incredibly affordable rate. 80% of images downloaded in Flaunter are a clean shot of the product on a white background ;)

Campaign/look book shots: Invest in some decent styling, being creative and avoid replicating other campaign/look book shots you’ve seen.  The media are looking for something that feels fresh.

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