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How do I upload images to Flaunter?
How do I upload images to Flaunter?

How to create an album, upload images and apply product details.

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Before you get started on uploading images, check out our Best Practice for PR images blog post on the types of content and quality media are looking for when browsing our directory.

How to create an album

  • Select ‘Create New’ on the top right-hand side of your dashboard (highlighted white), then select ‘Album’ from the dropdown.

  • Add the album name. We recommend naming an album by collection, season or phototype - e.g. ‘SS19 Campaign’, ‘Home Decor - Etched’.

  • Select a category for the album. 

  • Add photo type - a friendly reminder, ‘Flat lay’ image refers to product on a white background.

  • Add one or more stockists. Media will use the stockist/s when captioning a product + to check availability.

  • Add drop date. We recommend setting a date range if you are pre-releasing product images into the library. 

  • Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for sample requests. Media can request a sample via an image.

  • Add 5 x tags that collectively apply to all images within an album - we recommend adding tags to your images based on trends, make, fabric, ethos or print/patterns. These tags will make your images appear more often in media searches e.g. ‘Sustainable’, ‘Neon’. 

  • Add album viewing status: All publishers have access, direct share (invite/whitelisted media only) or hidden (no one has access until you have changed viewing status).

Now that you have created an album, you can upload images!

  • Within the new album, select ‘Add images’ on the top right-hand side.

  • You can upload images from file, drag & drop from your desktop or import from Dropbox.

Hot tip: If you are uploading more than 50+ images at a time, it may take some time to upload (depending on your wifi) - in this case, leave the browser running in the background and you continue on other things. You will receive an in-app alert when the images have finished uploading.

  • Add product details to your images. The fastest way to add product information to an entire collection of images is by using our CSV templates. You can only create a CSV once you have uploaded a collection of images. 

  • Alternatively, you can edit multiple images within an album by selecting the ‘batch edit’ toggle at the top right-hand side of the album, then select the top left-hand side of images. 

  • To edit a single image - hover over a photo thumbnail and select the ‘edit image’ to edit the name, RRP, in-store date, stockist, description, and tags.


  • Image titles will automatically fill the ‘Product title’. If you rename images with product title before you upload them to Flaunter, it will make it easier for you to add details to an entire collection of images using our CSV templates.

  • If there is anything worth noting about a product or collection - add these details to the image ‘Description’ field as media can click-through to a photo detail page to view more information about a product. Our tagging team will also use this information to tag images with keywords for optimal search exposure.

Asset checklist: 

  • JPEG

  • Image DPI - 300 dpi (hi-res print quality)

  • File size - between 2-5MB.

  • Photo Dimensions - at least 1500 pixels at the longest length - width or length.

  • Campaign/lifestyle & deep etch images (click for more info).

  • All caption details readily available - product name, RRP, in-store date and stockist (website).

** Please note: You can check the DPI, file size, and dimensions by opening an image on your desktop. If you are using a MAC - select "Tools" + "Show Inspector" or hold down 'command' + 'i'. If you are using a PC - right-click on an image + select ‘properties’ > select the ‘details’ tab to view image specs.

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