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3 Fab Ways to Create Useful and Cost Effective Visual Content
3 Fab Ways to Create Useful and Cost Effective Visual Content

with Holly Cardew, superstar CEO and Founder of Pixc.

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Product photos and visual storytelling are driving the way we communicate and sell, at an ever-increasing rate. Flaunter offers a seamless way for you to upload, distribute, and track your visual content, while also enabling you to increase your brand’s visibility to media, retailers, and buyers.

But how do you go about creating this great, competitive content without breaking the bank or tripping over your own feet? Let’s bring in the expert. Holly loves selling online, pretty pictures and a great typeface. When she’s not working, she is travelling the globe.

Providing visual content to media and retailers increases your brand’s exposure and allows you to control its look and feel – image is everything, and having great content is no longer just nice to have, it’s an absolute necessity.

There are lots of brands out there who understand this, but your job isn’t just to create content – it’s to create media ready, downloadable content. Your goal is to make life easy for on-the-go stylists and editors who don’t have time to fuss around with unsuitable images. If you can do this, you’ll have a huge leg up on the competition.

So, what exactly does media ready, downloadable content look like?

1. First, aim to provide media and retailers with your product photos in various formats. This includes your products in-context, on a white background, on a transparent background, and from multiple angles.  

Providing this selection of different angles and photos allows them to pick and choose what is most appropriate for their content channels. For example, the in-context shot might be posted on Instagram and Pinterest, the product on a white background would be ideal for a magazine flat lay display, and the transparent background shot could be used as the perfect layer on a website banner. You want to make sure you’re giving them anything and everything they need, without ever having to ask.

2. Not everyone has their own studio space or the budget to have every image shot by a professional, but producing content doesn’t have to be expensive. With affordable DSLR’s and schmick mobile cameras at your fingertips, high-quality content can be created in minutes.  

Here are some quick tips to help you easily and cost-effectively set up your own photo studio and shootprofessional-looking images, without the price tag:

Keep it simple

A white sheet of paper or white wall are perfect backgrounds for your shoot. Remember, you want to keep the viewer’s focus on the product, not what’s behind it.

Go au naturel

You could buy expensive lighting and spend hours trying to get it just right or you could shoot next to a large window with lots of natural light. Natural light is always preferable to artificial, as the colours on screen will come out as close as possible to the real thing.

The devil’s in the details

If you want customers and retailers to feel love at first sight, make it easy! Take close, crisp shots that show exactly what your product looks and feels like, in crystal clear detail. And remember – each stylist, editor, and the retailer will fall in love with your product for a different reason. Shooting from all angles can make one product appeal to a diverse audience.

Create flat lays without the extra cost

Most media and retailers LOVE (as in kill for) access to images of products on a white background. So, when you’ve taken your in-context shots it is HIGHLY recommended that you edit them by removing the background to make your content instantly useful in multiple scenarios!

For example: when shooting with a model, ask them to stand front on to the camera with their arms out by their sides for at least one photo.When you’re editing the photos you can easily white out the background and hey-presto! You have a flat lay without the added cost. This process will only take a few minutes but will deliver a tonne of benefits down the road when connecting with media.

3. If this editing process sounds a little too tricky, don’t worry, Pixc has your back. In just 24 hours we can get your photos looking great, for as little as $1.60/image Now that’s gorgeous.

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