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How do I create a new sample rack?
How do I create a new sample rack?
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We’ve made it easier for you to manage and share samples with your media contacts at the click of a button. In Flaunter a sample is represented by an image rather than barcodes and scanners. Here’s how to create a digital rack that represents products to loan in your showroom.

To get started:

  • Select a brand + add a rack name that best represents the brand’s collection of samples e.g. SS20 or *collection name* - Accessories.

  • Add rack details - season, size, stockist/s, and in-store date. Then, select ‘‘Create rack’.

  • Add images that represent samples in your showroom. We would recommend adding lookbook or deep-etched product images, like below. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to lookbook images -  iPhone images will work too!

  • To upload images to an album, you can either:

  • Add images from an existing album: select an album from the dropdown, then select the samples you would like to pull into your rack by ticking the white circle on the top left-hand side of a photo thumbnail. Alternatively, if you have a sample for all images, select all. Once you are finished selecting samples, hit ‘Create samples from images’ at the bottom of the album. 

If you have multiple samples for the one product you can increase the quantity underneath the sample name. If you have a lookbook image containing a top + bottom > select the image, adjust the quantity to two and rename each image with [x] top & [x] bottom on the next ‘review all’ samples page. Furthermore, if you have 2 x tops + 2 x bottoms available to loan represented by the one lookbook image - you would then enter ‘4’ into the qty > create 4 x copies of the lookbook image and rename each image by sample names on the next page. When you are finished adding samples for a rack, select ‘Save & Finish’. 

  • OR; upload new images directly into your rack: Upload images from file or drag & drop. Then, select the items you wish to pull into the rack, add to the qty if the image represents more than one sample and rename the sample title for one single image or update duplicates on the next page. 

Hot tip: If you are uploading more 50+ images at a time, it may take some time to upload [depending on your wifi] - in this case, leave the browser running in the background [whilst you continue on other things] you will receive an in-app alert when the images have finished uploading.

  • Add product details to samples. To edit the name of a sample, sample details or replace an image - select the top right-hand corner of an image, then select ‘Edit’. To update details for the entire collection of samples, select ‘Download CSV’ at the top of the rack. Here you can update the sample with RRP, stockist information and tags (for sample search). **Please note: to fill out a CSV spreadsheet you will need to rename images before uploading them into Flaunter. To reapply the edited version, return to the rack and select ‘Upload CSV’. 


  • If you rename the image by sample title before uploading the images, you can utilise our CSV template for adding details to multiple samples at once

  • Adding product details & tags to samples will help you find samples later on via ‘Sample Search’[hyperlink]. We would recommend adding keyword tags, such as - product category, colours, make/fabric.

How to apply details to multiple samples at once using our CSV templates:

Before uploading images into Flaunter, we would recommend renaming the image by the sample title - e.g. “Metallica Top”. When it comes to adding details to a CSV, the sample title will already be filled out and it will be easier to add details to the rest of the spreadsheet.

Step 1. Upload images into a sample rack.

Step 2. Click ‘Download CSV’ on the top right-hand side of the sample rack.

Step 3. Open the CSV on your desktop. If you have already updated image titles with sample name, the Sample title column will already be filled out, see below:

Step 4. Once you have filled out all the column, select ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > ‘CSV’.

Step 5. Return to your rack within Flaunter. Select ‘Upload CSV’, select from file. Sample details should transfer to all images within your rack. 

Now that you have uploaded samples and details to your rack, it's ready for you to share with your media contacts. Click here for a how-to on sharing your racks with contacts in and outside of Flaunter.

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