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What's the fastest way to add details to multiple images at once?
What's the fastest way to add details to multiple images at once?

How to bulk apply information to photos using a CSV or batch edit

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You have two options for quickly applying individual details to multiple images at once

OPTION 1 : CSV FILE -- best for applying details to an entire album

You can bulk add/edit the following details to an entire album via a .csv file:

  • Photo title

  • Description

  • SKU

  • Photo credits

  • Price/RRP

  1. Create an album and upload images.

  2. From the album page, click 'Download CSV template" in the top right corner. Your .csv template will then download to your computer.

  1. Open the .csv spreadsheet and fill out the following columns. 

name: The name of your product.

rrp: Enter the recommended retail price of the product. This is highly valuable to media and having this information on your images significantly increases your chances of being downloaded.

sku: sku/product code

description: Add more detail about your product (up to 400 characters).

Tags: Make your images more discoverable by adding up to 5 x tags to each image or entire collection of images in an album. We recommend adding tags, such as fabric/make, colours, trending theme e.g. neon.

4. Save your changes + export as CSV. 

5. Open your Flaunter album and click the "Upload album CSV" button at the top right hand corner of the album. 

6. A pop up will appear allowing you to select your edited .csv from your desktop.

7. Click GO and you're done! 

A few extra tips when editing via .csv

  • Not sure which photo is which? The 'photo_filename' column will list the name of the files you uploaded to Flaunter originally.  Use this as a reference point for updating your details.  Some of our super clever brands rename their images as their SKU codes, or give their files descriptive titles before uploading, which helps out with editing via .csv

  • Double check that you're saving your file as a .csv when you're done. Some spreadsheet programs will automatically attempt to save your file as different file type.

  • Make sure your .csv does not contain any special characters or symbols (for example circle C ©, circle R ®, or TM ™.  Symbols and special characters are unable to be saved properly in a .csv file and will therefore break the application of metadata in your album. 


OPTION 2 : BATCH EDIT -- best for applying details to a select group of images within an album 

You can choose to select and edit multiple images within an album using batch edit. 

  1. Create an album and upload images.

  2. From the album page, select the 'Batch edit' toggle. From there you can start selecting the images you wish to edit.

  3. Once you have finished selecting images, you can hit 'Batch edit' on the pink banner at the bottom of the screen.

4. A window will appear for you to edit samples across one or more images.

5. Click save. 

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