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How do I create and send a Sample Parcel?
How do I create and send a Sample Parcel?

What is the process of managing sample send outs?

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You have received a request from a stylist - hooray!

Here’s how you create a send out and email an invoice to the contact

To create a send out: 

  • Log into Flaunter and select ‘Sample Tracking’ at the top of the dashboard, then ‘Send out’ in sub navigation.

  • Fill out all the details for the send out. Please note: you can use the title to find a send out later so we would recommend adding the name of the person who has requested items, publication/event and event date.

  • If the contact doesn’t appear in the ‘Requested by’ field, feel free to create a new contact. ** Any new contacts will be automatically added to My Contacts.

  • Add a return date. If the items don’t need to be returned, select ‘This is a gift’. 

  • Hit ‘Continue’ to add samples to the send out. Please note, you will need to create a separate parcel for gifted items. 

Add samples to the send out: 

  • Select items across one or more racks. When you have finished adding samples to the parcel, select ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.

Shipping & returns: 

  • Add shipping, courier and a return address. Please note, the address you have provided in your account details will be selected by default. To update this address, click here.

  • Alternatively, you can select ‘Custom address’. 

Once you have reviewed the parcel, tick ‘Email invoice’ if you wish to send a copy of the invoice to the contact and hit ‘Print invoice and mark as shipped’. 

To find the send out later on, you can select 'Send outs' at the top of the dashboard and select 'Send outs' >  select 'Sent' from the status dropdown. 

Need help returning items from a send out? Click here for a how-to article on returning items in a send out and following up on missing items.

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