How do I search for a sample?

Choose an image with a sample swing tag to send a request directly to the Brand Manager.

Updated over a week ago

Are you looking for samples for an upcoming shoot? Luckily, you can use Flaunter to request products directly from images. 

If a brand manager has opted for media to request samples via images, you will find a sample request icon on the top right-hand side of a photo detail page. 

Select the centre of an image to take you to the photo detail page. Here you can find the swing tag icon if the product is available to sample or gift.

If you have any questions about requesting a sample, feel free to get in touch directly with the brand manager by selecting ‘Message’ under the brand name.

Any sample requests or gifted items are to be discussed and coordinated directly between you & the brand manager :) 

If you can’t find what you are looking for by browsing in our Brand Directory (hyperlink), we recommend using our discovery page to free text search items and use filters (e.g. product category/print/colour)  to narrow down your search results. 

If you would prefer suggestions from brands, feel free to post a call out to brands in our network here. Call-out responses will be delivered to your Flaunter inbox for you to review and respond with sample or gift requests.

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