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How do I share content that I have uploaded to Flaunter?
How do I share content that I have uploaded to Flaunter?
Updated over a week ago

Now that you have uploaded images to your brand (hooray!), here’s the best practice for sharing content with media & retailers in and outside of Flaunter….

Note: You can not copy and share the standard URL at the top of the browser window. Contacts will not be able to access your content unless you use the below share method.

  • Look for the link chain icon in the top right corner to share your entire brand profile, an individual album or an individual mood board.

  • To share a single image, you can select the three white dots on the top right-hand side of a photo thumbnail within an album, then select ‘Share’.

Once you click the Share icon, a pop-up window will appear. You now have a few options;

  1. Search and select a contact from the dropdown [must have imported contacts into your "Media Contacts" list before they appear in results]. Click here to learn more about importing your contacts.

  2. You can enter an email address into the "To:" field. The system will prompt you to add the contact to your contact list.

  3. You can copy the Share LINK that appears at the bottom of the pop-up window. Paste this link (or hyperlink) in your personal email reach-out or in a PDF media release.

To experience what your contacts will see, you can TEST the share link. You can not be logged into your Flaunter account while you do this. Instead, open an Incognito browser window, then paste the share link into the URL bar.

Note: Any contact that accesses this link will be given direct access to the content - if they aren't registered with Flaunter, they will need to enter in their contact details and estimated press date upon download. 

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