Share a link to your samples or invite media to view samples at the click of a button. 

To share a rack with media:

  • Log into Flaunter and select ‘Sample Tracking’ at the top of the dashboard. Then, select the rack you wish to share with your contacts.

  • Select the link icon on the top right-hand side of the rack: 

  • A ‘Share’ window will appear. You can either search & select a contact you have previously engaged with or imported from ‘My Contacts’. 

  • Alternatively, you can copy/paste the link to the rack within the body of an email or message in Flaunter. 

If you would like to share more than one rack - we’d recommend creating a showroom. To start a showroom: 

  • select ‘Showrooms’ [hyperlink] at the top of your dashboard. Then, select ‘Create a showroom’ highlighted black. 

  • Add a showroom name - something to summarise the collection of racks you’ll be sharing with your contact.

  • Select racks from one or more brand and select ‘Create new showroom’ at the bottom of the window.

To share a showroom:

  • Select the link icon on the top right-hand side to share the showroom with your media contacts. 

Once you have shared a link or invited your contact to browse a rack or showroom, they can select samples they wish to loan or receive as a gift. You can find requested samples/gifts by selecting ‘Sample Tracking’ at the top of your dashboard, then ‘Requests’ in the sub navigation. 

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