How do I import contacts?

Use a CSV template to import media into My Contacts

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Import your entire address book into Flaunter to make it that much easier to share out lookbooks, hi-res imagery and product samples with your media contacts. 

Here’s how you import contacts into Flaunter:

Step 1. Log into your dashboard and select ‘Media Contacts’ at the top of your dashboard, then select ‘My Contacts’. 

Step 2. Select “Download template”:

Step 3. Open the CSV in Excel, Notes or Google Spreadsheets, then enter the details in manually OR copy/paste information from your current contact list into the columns of the Flaunter CSV template. Double check all the information is sitting in the correct fields. 

Step 4. Hit, File > Save >  export the spreadsheet as a ‘CSV’. Then, return to ‘My Contacts’ within Flaunter and select ‘Upload contacts’. 

All your contacts will now appear within My Contacts. Any time you share an album, image or sample showroom via Flaunter, the media user will automatically appear within the ‘To:’ field. 

To save you even MORE time - Flaunter will automatically add any media you’ve come into contact with through direct messages, photo downloads and sample requests. If you want to create a new contact, enter in the contact's email address and click 'Create' on the right-hand side.

If you need assistance importing contacts please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at

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