How do I update my account details

Update your publication, title and work email within your profile.

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How do I update my media profile?

Need to update your contact email, position, publication or account type? These details can easily be changed within your dashboard at any time. Follow these steps…

Log into your dashboard and select your profile [initials] on the top right-hand corner. Then, select ‘Settings’ and ‘Profile’. 

We would recommend keeping your account type, publication and work email up-to-date at all times - this way our network of brands will feel more confident about how/where their assets will be used :)

If you have taken on a freelance position - no worries! Select ‘Freelancer’ as your new account type. Then, update your email address with your new email and add any publication/s you are working for in ‘Publications’. 

You can select 'How a brand sees my profile' underneath 'About me' to view all your details in our media list.

Friendly reminder, media can only contact you directly via Flaunter's messaging centre - your work email isn't visible unless you have shared it with a brand or agency. 

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