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What is a showroom and how do I create one?
What is a showroom and how do I create one?

Share a collection of racks with a stylist, journalist or influencer

Updated over a week ago

A showroom is a collection of racks that stylists, journalists and influencers can view online and request samples directly from a shared link.

If you manage more than 1 x brand, a showroom can be a collection from multiple racks.

To set up a showroom:

Select ‘Sample Tracking’ from the navigation bar.

  • Select ‘Showrooms’ from the sub-navigation.

  • Select ‘Create showroom’ > add a name and
    choose a starting brand from the dropdown.

  • A list of racks will appear > choose the rack you’d
    like to add to the showroom by clicking ‘Add to

  • If you want to add racks from another brand, use
    the brand dropdown and choose racks before
    selecting ‘Create new showroom’.

To share your showroom:

  • Open the showroom you wish to share

  • Click the link icon on the top right-hand side of your showroom.

  • A pop up will appear that allows you to free text search the participants name from 'My Contacts' or you can enter in a email address > create contact. Alternatively, if you are sending to more than one person - you can copy/paste the link at the bottom of the window. 

  • When sharing this link or direct messaging a contact from this share window- the contact will be given direct access to samples - no sign in necessary.

  • If the media user logs into their account or creates a free media account via this link, they can request samples directly via this link and you'll receive a pending sample request within your dashboard here.

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