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How do I request samples from a rack or showroom?
How do I request samples from a rack or showroom?

You can find all shared racks and digital showrooms via My content > Showroom invites

Updated over a week ago

When a brand or agency shares a rack or showroom, you will receive an alert via email to take you to the rack or showroom. 

To manually find the content that’s been shared with you, log into Flaunter and select ‘My content’ at the top of the dashboard. Then, select ‘Showroom invites’ and ‘View rack’:

To select samples, hover over a photo thumbnail and tick the white circle on the top left-hand side. When you have finished selecting samples, select ‘Request samples’ on the pink banner at the bottom of your screen.

A window will appear for you to review the selected samples, when you are ready to go click ‘Next: add message’. Add your delivery details and hit ‘Send sample request’.

You can locate messages within Flaunter between you and the brand/agency via Messages [envelope icon] on the top right-hand side of your dashboard. 

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