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Where do I find sample history?
Where do I find sample history?

Do you need an overall summary of activity for a sample?

Updated over a week ago

You can view an entire summary for a sample via Sample Tracking Reports.

To access reports, you'll need to log into your account > hit 'Sample Tracking' at the top of your dashboard > hit 'Reports'.

To find explicit details of all contacts that have borrowed, returned or been gifted an item, you'll need to select 'All Activity' & search for the name of the product [only]. Use filters [pink button under search] to narrow down results to a specific brand, rack or date range. 

To export a report you will need to be on the 'All Activity' page > set parameters for the report using filters [e.g. brand, specific rack, date range] then select download in the white drop down above - export as a PDF or CSV spreadsheet to your desktop.

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