The Sample Tracking Reports centre makes it incredibly easy to monitor, report and feedback on your sample loan activity - and your hard work!

You can choose to create comprehensive sample reports for entire brands, individual racks or for individual samples. 

Here’s how you create a report: 

  • Select ‘Sample Tracking’ at the top of your dashboard >  select ‘Reports’ > 'All Activity'.

  • You can either free text search for a sample by name or brand to find results on how many times a sample has been requested/borrowed. 

  • Alternatively, you can set parameters by selecting ‘Filters’ [highlighted in pink] underneath the search bar. Filter by brand, rack, publication or date range.

  • Sort by ‘newest’, ‘most requested’ or ‘least requested’ by the dropdown on the top right-hand side of results.

  • To download a report to your desktop, select ‘Download’ and export as a CSV or PDF.

Why is this helpful? Some of our agencies & brands are currently using reporting to:

  • Generate reports based on publication e.g. how often 'Vogue' has requested & used samples. 

  • Generate reports based on influencer activity e.g. how many items were gifted to influencers this mth.

  • Generate reports based on how many samples were sent p/mth

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