You can add to and edit the details of a single sample at any time via sample racks.

Step 1: Click 'Sample Tracking' at the top of your dashboard.

Step 2: Find the image you wish to edit in a rack or by free text searching for the sample in 'Samples'.

Step 3: Select the top right-hand corner, then 'Edit'. Here you can edit the photo details or you can re-upload a new image. 

Side note - add as much or as little detail as you'd like to your sample images. It's completely up to you.

To add details to an entire rack using our CSV templates

Firstly, you will need to ensure you have renamed the images by sample title before importing the images into a rack - this way you will find it easier to fill out the remaining columns of the CSV spreadsheet.

Step 1: Once you have uploaded images into the rack, select 'Download CSV'.

Step 2: Open the CSV on your desktop and fill out the remaining columns, such as - RRP, SKU (if necessary), stockist and tags. Please note: do not touch the photo id column! Adding keywords (descriptive words) will allow you to search for samples later on via Sample Tracking > Samples.

Step 3. Export spreadsheet as a CSV, then return to the rack and hit 'upload CSV' and add file. All the details should transfer across to the samples if you haven't touched the ID column and if you have added detail according to the photo title column. *Please note* - the ID column isn't ordered by photo order. 

If you wish to update the name of a sample within a rack, select the pencil icon underneath a photo thumbnail to update sample title or click the top right-hand side of the photo thumbnail to add more details.

Alternatively, you can use batch edit to add details to one or more samples. 

Adding extra detail WILL help make your
Sample Search page more effective. 

Please contact us at if you need further assistance with this :) 

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