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How do I manage access to my restricted brand?
How do I manage access to my restricted brand?

Set a brand to 'restricted' and then choose exactly who can access your images by building a whitelist.

Updated over a week ago

** The option to create a restricted brand is only available on the growth, established and showrooms plans.

Setting your brand to restricted gives you the ability to choose specific Flaunter users and publications who can access your content 'on-demand'. 

A restricted brand's album's and images will only appear in search results and on your brand's profile page for users you’ve given access to – they will be hidden from everyone else.

Effectively - this is a setting to allow you to give access to your VIP contacts, and no-one else. 

If you do set your brand to restricted it's very important to then add people to your whitelist. If no one is on your whitelist no-one will be able to download your images 'on-demand' - not even your VIP contacts!

To add contacts to your whitelist, first go to media contacts tab in the top navigation bar. From here, you can search for a user to add to your whitelist from any of the contacts tabs. Alternatively, you can import your own contacts list into 'my contacts' and then add those people to your whitelist.

To remove a contact from your whitelist, select 'whitelist' on the right-hand side of the contact to revert.

Do you have images you wish to share exclusively with specific contacts on your whitelist? Click here for a how-to on creating a restricted album.

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