Can’t locate a shared link to an image, album or showroom? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered ;)

To access content that has been previously shared with you - log into your account, select ‘My Content’ at the top of your dashboard. Then, select ‘Shared with me’. 

Use the search bar to find content by name of contact, image/sample name or brand. 

Alternatively, you can use the drop-down of options e.g. ‘Most recent’, ‘Oldest’ or ‘A-Z’ to help find what you’re looking for.

This is where all your images, docs & samples will live - no need to save files onto your desktop and clog up your hard-drive ;) 

If you should ever need to re-contact the brand/agency that has shared content with you - you will need to select the brand from the directory, then hit the envelope icon on the top right-hand side of the brand profile to send a direct message to the brand manager. Alternatively, you can continue any conversations you have previously had via Flaunter by selecting 'Messages' at the top right-hand side of your dashboard.

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