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How do I set up a new brand on Flaunter?
How do I set up a new brand on Flaunter?

Add a brand to your Flaunter account in 4 easy steps.

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Adding a brand to your Flaunter account is the required first step in getting yourself set-up and ready-to-roll.

Getting started

From your dashboard select 'Brands' at the top of your dashboard, then select 'Add new brand'.

You'll then be guided through a simple 4-step process, starting with adding your brand name.

Step 1: Choose the applicable category for your brand. If your brand falls under more than one category, select all relevant categories. 

Step 2: Next, you'll also be asked to choose your brand's visibility. You can choose from 3 options: 'All content publishers', **'Selected' and Hidden. 

  • All content publishers: Recommended when you'd like the entire Flaunter registered media network to be able to view and download your images 'on-demand'. This results in a higher frequency of impressions, downloading and potential for media engagement. 

  • **Selected publishers: This changes your brand to a 'restricted brand'. Only media users you have specifically selected can view and download your images 'on-demand'. This is done via a 'Whitelist' [Media Contacts > 'Whitelist']. Restricting your brand is useful if you only want a very select group of media users to have access to your brand. 

**Note: the option to create a restricted brand is only available on the growth, established and showrooms plans. 

  • Hidden: Setting your brand to hidden will hide all your brand's imagery from EVERYONE on Flaunter. This access level is most often used during a brand set-up process.

Step 3: You'll be asked to add links to your brand's website and social media accounts. These will display on your brand's profile page. 

You are required to link to at least one account so media can easily discover more about you. Linking your Instagram account will allow us to display a 9-image grid of your Insta account on your profile pages. 

Step 4: Finally, you'll be asked to answer how open you are to collaborations, exclusives and gifting.

Click on the Create brand button and you're all done!

TIP: As soon as your brand is set to visibility: all content publishers, media will be able to access and download images from your profile. Flaunter is an on-demand image platform for media so they don't need to ask for pre-approval before downloading - helping them talk about your brand more easily, more often :) 

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