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How do I create a report for images
How do I create a report for images
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Create a report including downloaded images, media user’s contact details (publication/job title/email address) and estimated press date. 

Step 1. Select ‘BRANDS’ at the top of your dashboard. From the drop-down menu, select the brand you would like to create a report for and click ‘Reports’.

Step 2. Set parameters for your report via ‘Filters’ or search by:

  • Publication

  • Name of downloader

  • Album name 

  • Product title/SKU

  • Date range

Sort by by ‘Most activity’, ‘Least activity’ & ‘Downloader A-Z’ via the dropdown on the top right-hand side (above View Profile)

To create a report based on all images within an album or a particular image, select 'By image' vs 'by download.

To contact any media that have engaged with your brand, select 'Media Contacts' at the top of your dashboard > 'My Contacts'. Hit the envelope (message) icon to the right of the contact to send them a direct message. 

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