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Top Tips to Make Your Images Available 24/7 to the People that Matter.
Top Tips to Make Your Images Available 24/7 to the People that Matter.
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We love to live fast and free, and so does your visual content. Product photos and visual storytelling are increasingly driving the way you communicate and sell, both online and off. Most brands understand the impact that visuals can have on their brand, but frustratingly, the existing systems available for distributing visual content don’t make the most of your brand’s most important assets. Time, money, and opportunities are being wasted on expired file transfer links, clogged inboxes, and ad-hoc spreadsheets.

The easiest way to become a media favourite is to give them what they need before they even have to ask.

Using a sweet service like Flaunter allows you to play ball in the big leagues.

How? Well, media exist in a 24/7 news cycle, whereas you and your business definitely don’t (hi, weekends! We love you!) Digital storage space is limited and working on a tight deadline means that when they need something, they need it now (hi-res and complete with photo and credit details too, please!)

With all the opportunities to get your brand noticed –think websites, social media accounts etc. - making sure that your stuff is easily accessible to those who can promote it is super important.

So, how do you do it? Easy.

The Brand Directory - it’s the easily searchable “who’s who” of Flaunter, and hundreds of registered media accounts use it to track down hot new brands, locate contact info, and access the best content.

Easily share content via unique links - Nothing's worse than being sent on a wild goose chase when all you want is an image, document or video clip.Being able to share your hottest content with a single link makes brand bragging even better.

Create Mood Boards to share curated content - Creating a visual story has never been easier, with Flaunter’s sleek Mood Board tool. Collect, display, and send links to share your curated content all in one place. Easy. Organised.

Make your hi-res, downloadable content discoverable via Find Photos and the Flaunter Content Feed. - Find Photos is a dynamic content library where media and buyers can find exactly what they need by searching categories and filter tags. It’s basically online shopping for photos, and it’s pretty awesome!

The Content Feed is like a Facebook newsfeed - exclusively for those in fashion, interiors, and beauty- without all the clutter and impossible algorithms.

All of this, available 24/7 – even while you sleep. Get ready, the media are going to love you for this!

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